Baustelle – Charlie fa surf


The german name was chosen only because it sounded good to Francesco Bianconi, talented author (maybe less as a singer) that works for his Baustelle but also for other pop singers in Italy and as a novelist. Baustelle often try to stay in a “pop environment” musically, but the lyrics are somewhat complicated and usually taking care of social issues or broken relationships. First amazing album “Sussidiario illustrato della giovinezza” was published in 2000, unfortunately the best one in my opinion (“La moda del lento”) is not available on Spotify.

Charlie fa surf, published in 2008 album “Amen”, is a typical Baustelle song, with a catchy sound paired with fiercely critical lyrics. Direct inspiration is Charlie don’t surf, work of italian contemporary artist Maurizio Cattelan depicting a student nailed to his desk by two pencils sticked in his hands, but going back to the original meaning would lead to the masterpiece movie Apocalypse Now (here the scene with that line) and the Clash song “Charlie don’t surf”. The song in some ways make fun of the youngsters that are mainstream even in what they believe is their “transgression”.

“Charlie fa surf”

Vorrei morire a quest’età.
Vorrei star fermo mentre il mondo va.
Ho quindici anni.
Programmo la mia drum-machine
e suono la chitarra elettrica.
Vi spacco il culo.

E’ questione d’equilibrio,
non è mica facile.

Charlie fa surf, quanta roba si fa, MDMA
Ma ha le mani inchiodate.
Se Charlie fa skate, non abbiate pietà.
Sfiguratelo in volto con la mazza da golf.
Alleluja, alleluja.

Mi piace il metal e l’ r’n’b.
Ho scaricato tonnellate di filmati porno.
Vado in chiesa e faccio sport.
Prendo pastiglie che contengono paroxetina.

Io non voglio crescere.
Andate a farvi fottere.

Charlie fa surf, quanta roba si fa, MDMA
Ma ha le mani inchiodate
da un mondo di grandi e di preti.
Fa skate, non abbiate pietà.
Una mazza da baseball, quanto bene gli fa.
Alleluja, Alleluja.

“Charlie surfs” 

I’d like to die at this age.
I’d like to stay still while the world spins.
I’m fifteen.
I program my drum-machine
and play electric guitar.
I’ll kick your ass.

It’s a matter of balance,
it’s not easy.

Charlie surfs, how much dope that he takes, MDMA
But his hands are nailed.
If Charlie skates, have no mercy.
Crucify him.
Disfigure his face with a golf bat.
Halleluja, Halleluja.

I like heavy metal and R’n’B.
I downloaded tons of porn videos.
I go to church and do sports.
I take pills that contain paroxetine.

I don’t want to grow up.
Go fuck yourselves.

Charlie surfs, how much dope that he takes, MDMA
But his hands are nailed
by a world of adults and priests.
He skates, have no mercy.
A baseball bat, how good it’s for him.
Halleluja, Halleluja.

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